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What’s Your Regimen |Styling

Water, moisturizers, and oils are your best friend when it comes to styling natural hair.
Products & Ingredients matter…. 

I am not a fan of gel, unless flaxseed gel. I have tried many types of gels that “claim” it will not flake and have yet to find one that actually didn’t. Also, I like to keep my hair as clean as possible, the minimal the buildup allows me to prolong my wash days…

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When To Use The Hair Typing System


I have heard and read that so many people do not agree with the hair type diagram. “It separates the natural hair community”. While that may be true in some aspects, but it also can be very helpful. Understanding how your hair curls or coils naturally defines what products tend to work best for your hair. For instance, with me being in the 4c hair range, there is no use to getting curling…

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Embrace Magazine - New Magazine for Natural Hair!!

Hello my beautiful natural divas! Have you heard of the new magazine, Embrace Magazine? CharyJay from Youtube was featured on this Fall issue! Well…if you haven’t, I am here to tell you that you are missing out!


Please help support this magazine, because it will be great to have more spotlight on the natural hair community. Also, because your’s truly will also be writing for this…

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Check it Out on YouTube—->My New Favorite Product To Use………….


Hello my natural divas!

I have been using a product that has helped me tremendously and saved me A LOT of time! Seriously, do not know what I would do without this product. I am still looking for the staple product, because it does seem to leave hair somewhat dry and flaky, but it does it’s job as far as detangling!

Check out my video below!!


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Hmm…..Starting Over?

Okay, next month will be the anniversary of my transition to natural. It will make 3 years. Yay!? Well, unfortunately I will be entering the 3rd year with damage, lots of it. Let’s look at the issues:

  1. I have 2 sections in the front that are short because I accidentally cut them during 2 separate occasions of taking down crochet braids -_-
  2. A section of hair on the left side (near the ear) is very…

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My blog is all about expressing your natural tress….. so I want to see all my natural divas! Add #napsista to your tags so I can feature you on my blog and instagram! I will randomly do giveaways to all those that are featured!

Oh….and please follow your girl —–> nap_sista


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