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Press or No?!?!?!?

Hey my natural divas!Ā 

So I have been curious about pressing my hair ever since being natural fully (2 years) and have been afraid of heat damageā€¦.Ā 

Have you ever pressed your hair?

Did you DIY or professionally??

What were the results?Ā 

Did you notice any damage???

Well stayed tuned for my experience with pressing! I got my hair professionally trimmed and pressed on June 14th!

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Check Me Out on YouTube!!!! New Natural Hair Videos!

Check Me Out on YouTube!!!! New Natural HairĀ Videos!

Hey my natural divas! I hope that you have been embracing and expressing your natural tress!

I have been posting videos on my YouTube channel, I have been M.I.A somewhat on my blog but I hope to do better with both writing and recording! So please all my followers please go over to my YT channel- subscribe and watch the videos that I have posted!! Please leave comments and questions- I loveā€¦

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