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Does Dirty Hair Grow Faster?

Does Dirty Hair Grow Faster?

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Diana Rochelle:

Black Zulu wrote the words exactly how I would have! Thank God someone else understands this!

Originally posted on Black Zulu:

Article by: Black Naps

Dirty hair is often times confused to be  a good practice for growing black hair. It’s easy to see why this mistake is made, but dirt on your hair in no way encourages growth or length retention.

Dirty hair is associated…

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Hiatus -_-

Hiatus -_-

Hey my natural hair divas!

Please excuse me…I have been on a bit of a hiatus! -_- I am trying to get back in the mode of writing and vlogging! I have missed the virtual world / community! So please stay tuned to blog posts, pictures galore and vlog posts on Youtube! 

Please share, like, COMMENT, and subscribe so that we can build a community! [I put ‘comment’ in caps because I love and…

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Protective Style………Not just for Winter!


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